Tilapia are mainly freshwater fish inhabiting shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes and less commonly found living in brackish water.

     Tilapia have very low levels of mercury, as they are fast-growing, lean and short-lived, with a primarily vegetarian diet, so do not accumulate mercury found in prey.



Tilapia fish      -       250 grams/ 4 large pieces

Turmeric powder      -  1 TBSP

Chilli powder      -         1 TBSP

Garam masala      -       1 TBSP

Salt      -                         ½  TBSP

Ginger garlic paste    -  1 TBSP

Pepper      -                    ½ TBSP  

Lemon      -                     1  Large
                              Olive oil  

1. Take a bowl. Mix chilli powder, salt, pepper, garam masala, ginger garlic paste, turmeric with oil and make fine paste.
2. Marinate the fish and squeeze lime juice on fillets.
3. Freeze them for atleast 1 hour.

-Preheat the oven to 375'F and bake the fish for 30-40 minutes.
-Fish can be shallow fried on frying pan too.
-Cut fish into  medium size pieces and place them on heated pan and cover the pan with a lid so that steam helps the fish to cook properly.
-Let them fry for 10-15 minutes.

Like many types of fish, tilapia has a very high content of selenium
Prevents Prostate Cancer
tilapia are high in protein but low in calories and fats.
Improves Bone Health
Directly linked to lowering cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in the human cardiovascular system.



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