I always prefer to spice it up than having plain juice.
I have added mint leaves also with water melon. Mint leaves
helps to supplement your diet and pepper, ginger are good for digestion.
This is a detox juice and best drink to beat your summer….

Watermelon   -----  1/2
Mint leaves   ----- hand full
Pepper         ----- 8-14 
Ginger         ----- small piece
Sugar          ----- Optional
Lemon         ----- 1

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes


1.   In a mixer add all the ingredients except lemon juice
2.  Blend well. Blend well. Blend well.
3. Make sure Ginger and pepper are blended well
4.  Pour melon juice in a tall glass and  squeeze half a lemon per one glass.
5.  Garnish water melon juice with mint leaves and a sliced lemon.

     You can't believe this juice has all tastes. In love with this recipe.

Watch this video for procedure.

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